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A miraculous anti-aging breakthrough, our Apple Stem Cell Serum utilizes Phyto Stem Cells from Uttwiler Spätlauber. This rare swiss apple regenerates and encourages stem cell growth in the skin. It also combats chronological aging while protecting human stem cells from stress. Uttwiller Spatlauber trees of Switzerland are scientifically proven to activate the skin's epidermal cells to start self-renewing at a rate similar to that of early youth. This action thwarts the skin from developing lines and wrinkles, sagging, and appearing unhealthy or dull.




Our formula is among the most potent extracts of the sought-after apple stem cells and has been combined with other influential and natural compounds to create optimum results. Our experts have formulated a daily-use serum that includes the natural ingredient PhytoCellTec, an extract of the Uttwiller Spatlauber fruit. There are several other skin-boosting compounds – chemical free and natural – to our serum, including fatty acids and rosehip seed oil, high in antioxidants such as vitamins A and E.

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