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Healthy Eating Chronicles: Debunking Keto

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Welcome back to our series Healthy Eating Chronicles! Here we are breaking down exactly what makes up a healthy and well rounded diet and busting the myths of modern diet culture. These days our society is so overrun by these “quick and easy” diets that aren’t back by much more than speculation. The standard american diet has progressively gotten worse as there continues to be an influx in fast and readily available foods, increase in cost of living and more and more people without the time or energy to make homemade meals. A problem seemingly so large it leaves you wondering just how it’s possible to get back on track. So let’s get into some of the common “fixes” that we see and other options that we can utilize.

Keto diet is a popular diet that has seen a large increase in the most recent years. So, what exactly is keto? The keto diet consists of high fat and high protein intake with very little to no carbohydrates. The general idea is, normally when we eat carbs they are converted into glucose which travels through the body to the brain to act as fuel for the brain. If we aren’t consuming carbohydrates the body is forced to use the liver to turn fat into fatty acid and ketone bodies that can then be sent to the brain to be used as fuel. This is why the Keto diet is popular among people looking to lose fat, however this is not a long term sustainable diet! By starving the body of carbohydrates and solely focusing on the consumption of protein and fats you will enter the protein sugar spiral. To understand this better we need to first understand the relationship between protein and sugar. Carbohydrates are used in the body to balance out protein intake. Think of it as a somewhat symbiotic relationship. Without the intake of enough carbs to balance out your high protein intake your body begins to go into what is known in holistic practice as a protein sugar spiral. This leads the body to have intense cravings for concentrated carbs in the form of refined sugars, polished rice, bread and pastas. This is also when alcohol comes into play. Since a lot of alcohol is the equivalent of liquid sugar, people on the keto diet will avoid things like bread, potatoes and rice but oftentimes not think twice about the amount of beer they indulge in. A high protein diet is also dangerous to your body over time and can lead to serious health challenges including but not limited to osteoporosis and kidney failure.

So what can you do instead? The solution is easier than you may think. Eating moderate amounts of animal and plant protein balanced by carbohydrates from whole grains such as legumes, starchy veggies and fruits. By seeking out whole grain and unrefined carbohydrates you will be consuming less sugar and by alternating between animal protein and plant based protein your calcium reserves are not put under as much stress.

In our next blog we will dive deeper into every day choices and substitutes we can utilize to improve our diets from the ground up. We will also offer some of our favorite recipes for you to try at home! And remember, our focus here is offering AFFORDABLE solutions and alternatives to common issues with the standard american diet. We understand grocery shopping is expensive and often the most expensive items are fruits and veggies, we want to help you make the best choices with the information you have! From everyday people, for everyday people.

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