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Cosmetic acupuncture focuses mainly on aesthetic conditions, often focused on the face. Like traditional acupuncture, it involves strategically inserting ultra-thin, sterile needles into different areas of the skin to promote blood flow and balance of the body's qi, also known as energy.

Cosmetic acupuncture produces micro-injuries by the insertion of tiny needles, in effect, will help to build collagen and elastin. It increases blood flow to the places where the needles are placed. Blood flow to the face will enhance the complexion, decreasing the dull look of your skin. Acufacials stimulate immune responses that can reduce inflammation. Your provider will also choose functional points that can help decrease muscle tightness and relieve anxiety and stress.


Along with the placement of needles, at A Touch of Energy Wellness, your acupuncturist will combine treatments to give you the best results. Adding lymphatic drainage and gua sha will help decrease puffiness and remove stagnant toxins from facial tissue. LED Light therapy has shown amazing anti-aging effects and can help with acne. The complete treatment is approximately 1 hour long, and you will leave the medspa feeling like a brand new person!

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