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FDA Approved for anti-aging, hair loss reversal, acne, pain relief, wound healing and fat loss.

Photomodulation (PMB) is the use of red or near-infrared light to stimulate, heal, regenerate, and protect tissue.  PMB has been shown to affect the body at a cellular level. LED light therapy is studied, FDA-approved and has been shown to help with conditions like hypothyroid, skin anti-aging, athletic performance, fatigue and recovery.  LED light therapy is recommended to be done 3-5x a week, often seeing benefits after the 10th session.  It can be used alone or alongside other treatments.

RED LIGHT - wavelength 640 nm

The most penetrating of the LED lights. 

  • Anti-aging

  • Skin cell regeneration

  • Increase oxygen content in blood

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Improves acne and wound healing

  • Eases pain

  • Enhances energy

  • Promotes collagen

  • Improve wrinkles

BLUE LIGHT - wavelength 423 nm

The most superficial of the LED lights.

  • Acne and bacteria killing

  • Skin Cleaning

  • Cell activation

  • Injury recovery

  • Skin sterilization

  • Prevention of wounds

YELLOW LIGHT - wavelength 583 nm​
  • Rosacea, bruising and spider veins

  • Hot skin

  • Improving cells oxygen utilization

  • Promotes circulation

  • Reduction of red spots and red face

  • Helps remove pigment

  • Great as a stand alone treatment!

  • Acupuncture

  • Cosmetic acupuncture

  • Microneedling

  • Infrared Light Therapy

  • Hydrafacials

  • Jelly Masks

  • Hair Restoration

  • Weight Loss

  • Patient Resources

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Blog: How does LED Lights Work?

  • LED Light Therapy Treatment Timeline


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