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B.H.R.T - Is it for me?


Bioidentical . Hormone . Replacement . Therapy

What exactly is BHRT and how can this service be of use to me? Great question(s), let’s dive in and see if BHRT or natural hormone replacement is right for me!

BHRT stands for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. BHRT is essentially the same thing as traditional hormone therapy with just a slight difference, BHRT is biologically identical to the hormones your body naturally produces. Traditional hormones are not biologically identical to those made by our bodies, they are synthetically produced to replicate those hormones. Bioidentical hormones are scientifically proven to be safer than synthetics and have gone through nearly 70 years of research to ensure they remain a safe and effective natural replacement method.

So now we know BHRT is a natural, pure, biologically identical supplement for traditional hormone replacement. But is BHRT right for me? The answer is yes! For those of us entering the stage of life where we are starting to notice the effects of hormone imbalance such as fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, decreased sex drive. Bioidentical hormones could be the solution you are looking for. Tailored to fit each individual patient's needs, we provide you with a custom formula to restore your hormone levels and help you feel like your best self. Benefits of BHRT include mental clarity, improved energy, increased sexual desire, increased metabolism.

BHRT is also a great option for individuals looking to start (or continue) their Gender Affirming Care journey. Here at A Touch of Energy Wellness we are proud to offer Gender Affirming care through BHRT. With as few as 4 trips to our office a year we can work with you to create a custom blend of hormones to ensure you feel confident and comfortable in your body.

It’s time to feel like your best, most authentic self and it all starts here at A Touch of Energy Wellness. Call today to schedule your evaluation, or request an appointment through our website. We can not wait to meet you!

Until next time friends,

A Touch of Energy Wellness

Cincinnati, Ohio


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