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Financing options for Spa services made easy

Financing options

It’s no secret that the cost of living only continues to increase each day, and if you’re like us and thinking how in the world can someone keep up with a beauty budget when eggs are $6, then we’re here to tell you there’s a way. You can still be a beauty queen (or king) on a budget and here's how…

Here at A Touch Of Energy Wellness we offer not one but TWO financing options for all of our services! Financing options for Spa services made easy. Folks, you heard it right. Thinking of finally getting that Body Contouring you’ve been dreaming about? Liposuction? Weight Loss? We’ve got it all on finance. Now, most of our bigger services still require a consultation before we can get started, but what better time to come in and ask questions so we can create the perfect plan for you. Our two financing options are through services called Cherry and CareCredit.

Cherry is the perfect financing option for those of us who are still working on building our credit but also wanting to finance some of the more expensive procedures. Signing up to see if you qualify is easy, just jump over to the Cherry website (Linked below) and fill out a quick and easy application to see how much you are approved for. It’s as easy as cherry pie!

CareCredit is another option we offer here at A Touch of Energy Wellness. CareCredit is very similar to Cherry and offers a simple and quick application process to find out how much you are approved for. CareCredit is typically for those people with a good to excellent credit score.

Your body and mind matter and it shouldn’t break the bank to put the love into getting what they deserve. Here at A Touch of Energy Wellness we believe in treating the whole body, your outward beauty should be backed by inner wellness. We understand that oftentimes many different beauty and wellness treatments yield the best results when done consistently and more than once, therefore beauty is a long term investment and you are worth every penny. It’s time to start living your best life and it all starts here.

Until next time friends,

A Touch of Energy Wellness

Cincinnati, Ohio


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