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New to Botox?

So you have started to notice some lines on your forehead or around your eyes that you didn’t have before… or you are turning 35 and realizing that you’re looking more tired than you did the last couple of years… But you’re unsure where to start as far as creams…treatments…facials… BOTOX?!??

Let’s get acquainted with Botox, shall we?

Did you know that there are currently 4 neuromodulators that are FDA approved in the US? What is a neuromodulator? Botox. Botox is just the most well known neuromodulator in the US. Botox is a brand that has become synonymous with with the botulinum toxin A, much like Kleenex with tissue. The other three are Dysport, Xeomin, and Jeuveau. You may hear these 4 neuromodulators referred to as “wrinkle releasers”, “toxin”, or “neurotoxins”. All four use a formulation of botulinum toxin A and have similar mechanism of action and treat the same aesthetic concerns. Intramuscular administration of these neuromodulators cause a relaxation of select muscles, thereby reducing or eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Although they all work in the same way, there are distinct differences in each neurotoxin.

Comparing Neuromodulators

Botox, as stated previously, has been the colloquial term used for the botulinum toxin A. It is the longest used neurotoxin and is covered by FDA for indications of glabellar region (frown lines) and crow’s feet, though it used to treat multiple places on the face and neck. It also has therapeutic indications including chronic migraines, hyperhidrosis, and overactive bladder. Botox is effective but it is not a permanent treatment, so scheduling more treatments will be neccessary to keep desired effect. The onset of action is generally 3-5 days with 2 weeks revealing the final effect. The effect will last approximately 3-5 months and will vary depending on patient and how their body metabolizes the toxin. Generally it is encouraged for the average patient to schedule their next appointment approximately 3-4 months.

Jeuveau is the newest neurotoxin on the market and the most comparable to Botox. It is only FDA approved for cosmetic indications and this allows Jeuveau to sell their neurotoxin at a lower price, which means that these savings will often reflect in being more affordable for the patient.

Dysport is dosed differently than the other 3 toxins. It is less potent due to its molecular weight, meaning you will need more of this toxin to achieve similar results. The price point needed to achieve these results is comparable to the price point of Botox. It has a higher rate of diffusion which means it has a larger diameter of treatment area, making it a popular choice for the forehead. Those with an allergy to lactose or cow’s milk protein should use a different toxin.

Xeomin is considered more “pure” than the other toxins due to its unique feature of removing accessory proteins. Botox is formulated with protective proteins that a subset of patients may develop an antibody to, which can lessen the effect of Botox for these patients. Xeomin does not have these proteins so using this neuromodulator would be an effective treatment for these individuals. For the health conscious patient, Xeomin would also be a great recommendation for this same reason.

Though all these neuromodulators have differences, they are all very comparable in results. The onset of action varies from 24 hours (Dysport) to 5-7 days (Xeomin). The duration for all modulators is approximately 3-5 months.

How many units the average patient will need:

These toxins are generally sold by unit or area. So how many units does an average patient need? In the photo below, I listed how many units A Touch of Energy will start with on an average client. We individualize our treatments to the needs and desires of the client, but we will generally start off conservative. We do this so we can work with our client to give them their desired results. After 2 weeks, the client should return to discuss if they would like more units. This is how we start to know what is the best units/treatment protocol for you. Everyone will have variable results with Botox and it is impossible to know who will respond and how quickly. At A Touch of Energy Wellness, we want to work with the client in order to attain the most desired results. Starting off conservatively, allows us to adjust and tweak our treatment as needed for the satisfaction of the client. Moving forward in future treatments, we will know the needs of our client.

Expectations of first consult

During the first consultation, this is the time where our providers get to know what it is that the client is most concerned with. After doing an assessment and listening to the concerns of the client, the provider will discuss any and all treatment protocols. If there is space in the schedule and the client wants to get treatment that day, we can arrange this. Consent forms and photos are taken and after the treatment, we send you home with some after care cards. If the client would like time to think about whether this is something they want to do, that is fine also. Most importantly we want our client to be sure of their decision and we are excited to help them with their beauty needs. We look forward to working with you!


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