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Stress Awareness Month

Did you know that April is stress awareness month? Between spring cleaning, the anticipation of summer just around the corner and the last long stretch of school before summer break, it’s no wonder we’re all starting to feel the stress building up. So this month, let’s chat about some ways we can combat those spring stressors and stay feeling fresh all the way into summer!

Spring is the time for all things new. The earth is melting away her winter coat, we’re throwing open the windows to let in the fresh air, and finally clearing away that layer of dust we’ve been ignoring since Thanksgiving. So why shouldn’t we treat ourselves to a little mind and body spring cleaning too? Like most people, those winter months seem to last forever and by the time spring rolls we’ve almost forgotten what sunshine feels like! Maybe you’re feeling a little pale or could just use a little pep in your step to keep up with the busy months ahead. The good news is, your friendly neighborhood Spa is here to help! At A Touch of Energy Wellness we offer a variety of services that are great for chasing away the winter blues.

HydraFacial- Our HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate skin while delivering a unique blend of serums tailored to your specific skin needs. This is the perfect service to give your skin that youthful glow you’ve been missing all winter. Pair this service with Dermaplaning for a silky smooth result that’s sure to leave you feeling glowy and bright.

Vitamin Replacement- When it comes to our overall health it’s not just about what's on the outside, but how we care for the inside as well. Vitamin injections are a great way to supplement those nutrients we might be missing from our every day diet or to just give you that extra boost you’ve been looking for. Pair this service with Acupuncture for a relaxing day sure to leave you fresh. We offer several different kinds of vitamins such as

  • Lipo-Mino

  • Vitamin B12

  • Lipo- B

  • Glutathione

  • Vitamin C

Acupuncture- Speaking of acupuncture, one of its main benefits is stress relief. Can you believe a handful of needles can produce stress and anxiety relief? Still don't believe me? Try it out for yourself. Acupuncture is an ancient medicine used for thousands of years to balance a person’s energy and harmonize their health. One of the first things patients report is feeling less stress and anxiety. A Touch of Energy Wellness has a licensed and trained acupuncturist on staff that provides acupuncture for stress relief, emotional disorders, pain, and cosmetic needs.

Laser Hair Removal- Okay let’s admit, we haven’t shaved in months. No judgment here, those winter months are cold and we need all the extra warmth we can get. But alas the time has come, those shorts in the back of the closet are starting to call your name and you’re dreading having to bust out the razor. What if I told you we can offer a solution? At A Touch of Energy Wellness we offer the best, most effective laser hair removal on the market. We offer an unlimited laser hair package; you purchase six treatments, and you can get as many as required in that year. Does it get any easier than that?! Ditch the razor and say hello to the future of hair removal. Best part? Now that you’re silky smooth, that Spray Tan you’ve been thinking about will look flawless! Did I mention we offer spray tans here too?!

Until next time friends,

A Touch of Energy Wellness

Cincinnati, Ohio



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